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Reflections on the experience of building an arcade table

During my week at the Residual Media Depot, I participated in a group of two teams, with 2-3 members each, and transformed an IKEA coffee table into an arcade table using after-market arcade parts and a raspberry pi emulator. In this post, I discuss some of the ideas that emerged from the experience. Design is a collaborative process informed by phenomenology of play: One’s experience of play adapts and iterates over time. One’s experience of play is linked to one’s experience of control; one’s concept of play is informed by one’s conception of controller. Differences in these conceptualizations manifest when designers draw on their experiences to redesign or remake a familiar concept. In my group, for example, each of us seemed...

/ June 7, 2017

Syllabus: Media Archaeology 2017

Materiality, Cultural Technique, Space, Infrastructure

/ May 21, 2017

Syllabus: Media Archaeology 2016

Collections, Platforms, Infrastructure, Signal Processing

/ July 22, 2016