The Residual Media Depot would like nothing better than to become the new home for your old game-related stuff. You can even come and visit it.

Here’s what we’re collecting:

  • Consoles in their packaging, with as much ephemera (instruction manuals, warranties, receipts, plastic bags, etc.) as you can find
  • Bare consoles
  • Controllers, cords, and accessories
  • Modified consoles
  • Broadcast Video Monitors with RGB/BNC inputs
  • Video processing equipment: scalers, switches, adapters
  • Games, in or out of the box
  • Arcade marquees

In a best-case scenario, we prefer working equipment, but sometimes, we can fix things, and sometimes, we can scavenge parts for other things from non-functioning items, so if you have any doubts about whether or not we can use your stuff, please ask us.

As part of our cataloguing practice, we identify all donors of equipment (unless they desire otherwise), so that your contribution to media history scholarship is visible and enduring.

Our storage space is VERY limited, so we don’t have room for large collections of print material, as much as we’d like to accept them. In some cases, such as complete or near-complete print runs of relevant magazines, we may still be interested, so again, please ask.

You can contact the RMD about possible donations via the print address in the right margin, or via d dot wershler at concordia dot ca