Month: November 2023

Mod Guide: Woozle Game Boy Advance Consolizer

This summer, as part of our activities with the Residual Media Depot, Alex Custodio and I are modding several videogame consoles while closely documenting our work. The goal of this project is to create a series of succinct, approachable modding guides that detail the tools and techniques needed for hardware modding. Woozle Game Boy Advance Consolizer The Game Boy Advance Consolizer (GBAConsolizer) is something of an outlier among the mods we’ve completed at the Residual Media Depot. Typically, we have focused on altering the  audiovisual output of the device with the specific goal of maintaining more-or-less seamless embodied engagement with the platform (ex. HDMI modding a Wii to use it on modern flat screen television). The full GBAConsolizer mod, however,...

/ November 21, 2023