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Michael Iantorno is a FRQSC-funded PhD student in Concordia University’s Communication program whose doctoral research explores videogame afterlife, fandom, and intellectual property law.

A collection of old computer technology on a set of metal shelves

(Un)Controlled Vocabulary

This post was written by Alex Custodio and Michael Iantorno as part of their ongoing research work at the Residual Media Depot. In October 2020, in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, we decided to begin our long-anticipated cataloguing of the Residual Media Depot. The Depot’s status as an active research collection makes it challenging to document, since the collection seldom remains static for more than a few days at a time. However, with no possibility of taking our workshops to classrooms or even other universities, the lockdown has provided a morbidly ideal time to embark on our efforts to catalog the sheer amount of objects we have. Our initial foray into cataloguing has focused on home videogame consoles, primarily...

/ March 12, 2021