RMD026 | Radioshack Full-Color TV Scoreboard

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Radioshack Electronic TV Scoreboard Box
Radioshack Full-Color TV Scoreboard
Color TV Scoreboard Owner’s Manual

A Radioshack full-color TV scoreboard with attending cables  on a white background.

Radioshack Electronic TV Scoreboard Box

Product NameRadioshack Electronic TV Scoreboard Box
Item Number00202
Footprint in Use (w x d x h, cm)31.5 x 9.3 x 26.2
Materials, ColorCardboard, color
ISBN/Identifying Number747
NotesContains two styrofoam inserts numbered 1530967. Radioshack catalog number 60-3055.

Radioshack Full-Color TV Scoreboard

Product NameAtari Power Adaptor
Item Number00203
TypeGaming Console
FolksonomiesColor TV Scoreboard, Radioshack Electronic TV Scoreboard
Manufacturing LocationHong Kong
Model Number60-3055
Footprint in Use (w x d x h, cm)22.2 x 26.0 x 5.5
Cable Length (cm)182 (power), 121 (twin-lead), 305 (controllers)
Materials, ColorPlastic, beige and faux walnut
PackagingRadioshack Electronic TV Scoreboard Box
InputsButton (Hockey/Tennis/Handball), Switch (Game/TV), Switch (Players 1/2), Switch (Channel 3/4).

Two controllers hardwired, each with Button (Reset), Slider
Connections (In)Prongs (AC), Twin-Lead (RF)
Connections (Out)Twin-Lead (RF)
NotesTwo wand controllers hardwired into the system. Switch box hardwired into the system (hence switch for game/tv). This is the first item in our collection where we’ve seen this phenomenon. Speculation: can use the machine as a giant switch box for Super Nintendo? (To test.) Tag on power cable says “simulated walnut finish.” System has indents on the back so that a user can mount it on the wall. Plugs directly to wall power.

Color TV Scoreboard Owner’s Manual

Product NameColor TV Scoreboard Owner’s Manual
Item Number00204
ClassificationPrinted Matter
TypeOwner’s Manual
Manufacturing LocationHong Kong
Footprint in Use (w x d x h, cm)17.0 x 21.4
Materials, ColorGlossy paper, black and white
PackagingRadioshack Electronic TV Scoreboard Box
ISBN/Identifying Number7A7, 60-3055
Notes7 pages. Also serves as a warranty. Includes template for how to mount system on the wall.